1st July 2022 Lake Superior Viral Tweet : A Lake Superior Twitter account went viral

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1st July 2022 Lake Superior Viral Tweet – After supporting abortion rights, a Lake Superior parody account quadrupled its following. The account tweeted, “This lake stands firmly for women’s right to choose.”

Over the past week, a parody Twitter account that promotes abortion rights and fights with right-wing activists gained over 150,000 followers.

In a landmark ruling on Friday, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, which safeguarded abortion rights in the US for decades.

After the decision, many parody or themed social media accounts supported abortion rights, some even in character.

1st July 2022 Lake Superior Viral Tweet | Viral Tweets

As of Thursday morning, the Lake Superior account had received more than 13,000 likes and 114,000 retweets after the Supreme Court ruling: “This lake vehemently supports women’s right to choose.”

The Lake Superior account quickly retorted when conservative activist Tom Fitton replied that “Water is wet and abortion kills a human being.”

The account tweeted, “Thomas, not even your first talking point is right.”. Basically, water isn’t wet, it’s what water touches. I’m confident I know how to make things wet.

More than 55,000 people have shared that response. The screenshot of that response has been retweeted more than 71,000 times and liked more than 600,000.

1st july 2022 viral tweet

Since 2009, Lake Superior has been tweeting about the lake itself, usually from the perspective of the largest Great Lake.

10 Awesome Facts About Lake Superior

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The man who runs the Lake Superior account said he has a deep relationship with the lake. When I was a kid, I couldn’t see the lake, but it was just a few hundred yards away, and now I’m constantly interacting with it.”

Several high profile names have promoted the account, which isn’t officially affiliated with Lake Superior. Michigan Gov. In a tweet Tuesday, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer called the lake “proud.” “Star Trek” star George Takei said you can “be best friends with a lake.”

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Insider knows the name of the guy who runs the account, but he didn’t want to be named because he wants “to stay in the Lake Superior voice.”

Taking on Lake Superior was a “fun thing to do,” he said. He’s spent more than a decade tweeting as the lake, crafting a “sassy” voice that emphasizes its greatness.

It’s rarely political, but tweets about politics aren’t off limits, he said. Most tweets about politics are more regional and focus on water policy.

Despite what the account means to him, he said, “the initial tweet from Friday was definitely unorthodox,” he said. “But I decided this was a personal issue that was more important than the account.”

After tweeting about the court’s ruling, he was worried he’d lose followers, but instead the parody account has grown rapidly. On Sunday, it had about 47,000 followers, according to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. On Thursday, it had more than 190,000 – more than quadrupling its audience.

He’s going to keep tweeting about Lake Superior, the other Great Lakes, and the scientists who work to keep them healthy.

“Who speaks up for water and the environment in the Great Lakes?”

He said humans have done any damage to Lake Superior. Great Lakes can’t vote, so humans have to take care of them.”

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